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Riccarton Round Robin 2016-1
International Taekwon-Do Tournament
Sunday 20th March 2016
Cobham Intermediate
Organiser: Mr Kris Herbison, Mr Vincent Brockerhoff
Adults/youth 8.30am registration, form up for 9am start. Kids start 12.30pm
Entry Form - Tournament Entry Fee: 1 event $25, 2 or more events $30.
Family discount of 20% for 2 family members, 25% for 3, 30% for 4+
Final entry date: 18/03/2016 to make it into the draw With Fees
Entries will be listed on the tournament web page. 
If your entry does not show within three days, or for other queries, please email the Organiser:
Kris Herbison at or Ph: 021 424 012

Please pay fees through our Zen Planner system:

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