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Wellington Regional Tournament 2021
ITFNZ Taekwon-Do Tournament
Saturday 17th April, 2021
ASB Sports Centre, 72 Kemp St, Kilbirnie
8am Registration, 8:20 am Officials Meeting, 8:45 am Form up, 9 am Competition Starts
Organiser: Mr Nick Lourantos
Entry Form - please measure height and weight before starting to fill this in.

Because of automated processing, the spelling of Firstname, Lastname and Club ( or preferred-name, Lastname and Club)
must exactly match a current ITFNZ registration.

First Name:   Last Name:    
Age at tnmt:    BirthDate(d/m/y): Rank:   Male- Female- unsel
Phone# email:
#+Street    Suburb:   Town:
kg ( weigh yourself! Can put n/a if patterns only ) Height: cm (please measure yourself)
Instructor: Club: 
Number of entrants from this family: (Family discounts may not be fully calculated until saved)

Team Patterns, 1 Colour Belt team, 1 Black Belt team (mixed gender) per club. (no mixing clubs)
Team Sparring, all grades, 1 mens team, Age: 18+, Rank: 8th Gup (Yellow)+ , 1 womens team, Age: 18+, Rank: 8th Gup (Yellow)+
Pre-arranged sparring: 1 Gup Team and 1 Dan team per club. Teams can be mixed gender
Select events to enter:
Patterns.     All grades
Sparring.     Yellow belts and above
Pre-arrngd Spar. TeamName   .
For Prearranged, each of a pair must fill in a same teamname that will be used to identify the pair.
Special technique. 10th-9th Gup 2 Techniques, 8th Gup (Yellow Belt) and above as per Nationals
Power technique. 10th-9th Gup 1 Technique, 8th Gup (Yellow Belt) and above as per Nationals

Team events: Patterns, 1 Gup team, 1 Dan team. Sparring: 1 Male team, 1 Female team
Team Patterns. TeamName
Team Sparring. TeamName
Members of a team must fill in the exact same teamname to be identified as members of that team..

Tournament Entry Fee: 1 event $30, 2 or more events $40.
Team Events Fees: $20 for each team (multiple teams per club allowed)
Max family fee $65 for 2, $75 for 3+
Clubs to collect fees, 1 total payment per club please

Final entry date: 13/04/2021 to make it into the draw

(Don't forget last thing to click the SendEntry button below)

Competitors with understated height or weight could be disqualified before the start of a bout for which that is relevant.

I have read the waiver and release linked to here. By submitting my registration to this event I agree it is my intention to exempt and relieve the parties stated above and ITFNZ incorporated from liability for personal injury, or death caused by negligence or any other cause during the tournament.

I/we grant the Organiser irrevocable permission to use photographs, audio recordings, videotapes, artwork or other likenesses of me/us for marketing, promotional, trade, demonstration, publishing or any other lawful purpose without remuneration.

I have read the ITFNZ Tournament rules, understand them and agree to abide by them.

I will not hold the ITFNZ or the organisers responsible for any injury sustained during the tournament.

(Helmets, mouth guards and groin guards are compulsory)
If under 18, Enter Parent / Guardian's name.
The organisers reserve the right to decline any entry without having to state a reason.

I agree to the conditions listed above and submit my entry
========= =========

Entries will be listed on the tournament web page. 
If your entry does not show within three days, or for other queries, please email the Organiser:
Nick Lourantos at nick.lourantos@gmail.com or Ph: 021439482

Clubs to collect fees, one total payment per club please, online payment to ITKD Wellington Region Acct: 01-0527-0139375-00,
or Cheques to be sent to Ms Anita Broczek, 126 Ashton Fitchett Drive, Brooklyn, Wellington, Payable to ITKD Wellington Region

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